Cape Coral alligator removed by police on Easter morning

Cape Coral law enforcement assisted capture an undesirable visitor from a community in the early hours of Easter Sunday morning — a 10-foot-alligator.

Pics posted on the department’s Facebook web site show officers tangling with the critter and adds they safely and securely relocated the gator.

Gator sightings are common during the reptiles’ mating season which is taking place now, in accordance to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fee.

Past Friday, the Lee County Sheriff’s Place of work responded to consecutive alligator phone calls. The 1st was for a 6-foot gator spotted outside the house the front door of a household in Reflection Isles off Daniels Parkway. Future, deputies responded to an 8-foot alligator in the Plantation/Idywild place. FWC trappers taken out the two reptiles.


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