Advantage car finance company

Advantage finance

Advantage finance is finance Services Company that was established in the year 1999 and it is the subordinate of the S&U group of company that has being established for a very long time too. The company announced that understanding they could not only achieve success with the provision of services that are outstanding and giving a listening ears to the needs and complains of their customers and introduces of business and this was what was among their findings since the establishment of the company. But for them to meet the needs and complains of this set of people, they built their own system of account management with the use of their own developers in their company.

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The decision they took then has made the company turn to a company that has a leading system and they have won many praises and the attention of software houses with dedicated mind. And they have been given the edge of real technology ahead of others in the competitive market. Also for motor financing companies, Carmax finances bad credit for car loan.

Advantage finance company is one of the leading company that provides financial services to customers in the United Kingdom. The basic type of financial services they provide is motor financing. The company has offices and branches in Grimsby with a total of employed employees that are up to 140 in numbers. And also provide financial services products to many dealers in all over the United Kingdom. During the year 2017 ending, the advantage finance company recorded profits which is over £25m and they are looking forward to continuing the sustenance of the growth of the company.

Advantage finance company services

The company provides a wide range varieties of services to their partners.

  • They provide and make calls to their customers and business to enhance a good communication between the both of them.
  • There is an underwriting that is flexible enough to favor both the company and the business partners at the same time.
  • They advance the production documents and the distribution to all facilities required.
  • They make quick decision on all submitted applications applied for by the customers and business partners.
  • They make quick and urgent payout to avoid waiting by the customers or business partners waiting so long for the money and this is enhanced with use of bank for a fats payment.
  • They provide a managerial and administrative support to the customers in terms of finances.
  • They provide live information concerning the finance applications from their website.



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